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Critical Ops Review

The Game

Critical Ops is actually an incredible mobile game that brings FPS properly to that gaming space. I've seen a number of shooters being brought over in the past though these titles are mostly on rails, are a lame campaign mode or don't quite grasp the PC or console versions they aim to emulate. The aim of this game seems to take the style of shooter that is Counter-Strike and bring it perfectly to mobile games. I was constantly impressed while playing just how regular of a shooter this is and how fluid the controls are. Playing online you can battle in matches of up to sixteen players which is crazy for a mobile game and it runs with little to no network issues. Matches vary between either straight up Deathmatch or Defuse and it would be nice to see some more in the future. Deathmatch is where you just aim to eliminate the other team whereas Defuse carries a similar concept with bomb planting mixed into the situation.

It's also round based with a large number of them per game with a side swap as well halfway through. Rounds are fast paced usually being just a couple minutes which works well being mobile. It might have been nice to have quicker match lengths as you can play in a game for a long time, but it's great for time killing if you need a shooter on the road. Another impressive feature is the detail within the maps and the good selection of maps available. Each map looks great with a unique style, but after playing tons of shooters over the years the maps do have some terrible flow to them. This being that they are awkward to move through in combat, but not a huge drawback when playing. The graphics were actually incredible from what I've come to expect in mobile gaming and they somehow fit all the FPS controls into an easy to use touch screen area very well.

Critical Ops IOS

Aside from some minor complains the game is the ideal version of FPS on mobile devices and hopefully it gets expanded on. There are also credits to be earned which can unlock gun skins or you can also buy them as the game is free to play which works well. I would have liked the naming feature to be default, but you need credits for which is somewhat silly and that's my only complaint for the credit system. You also get to buy guns each round which were balanced out well as I got to try a ton each game. It does do a lot of the aiming for you though that's expected for a mobile title and it's all still equal. If you've been looking for a proper mobile shooter than it doesn't really get much better than Critical Ops aka C-Ops.

Review Done on Critical Ops for IOS

Rating Overall: 9/10

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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